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    Multiple signatures

    I have a question. I have a person who when they click on the signatures button in outlook, it shows four signatures when the person only has two created in the local outlook. I checked to see if maybe it was pulling something in from OWA but there are no signatures created in OWA. He's...
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    Exporting email in outlook 2013 with Office 365

    I have a user that has a lot of project emails that he would like to move into individual PST files to place within each projects archive. My company utilizes Office 365. He is using outlook 2013 and is set to cache only the last 12 months of emails. His assistant is trying to export mail from...
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    Moving .msg files back into outlook

    Karl, Thank you very much. That did the trick.
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    Moving .msg files back into outlook

    I have a user who saved a number of emails related to a specific project by dragging and dropping the messages from outlook into a windows file folder during the course of the project. The emails in the file folder are displayed by subject as the file name and all of the dates are the same. IE...
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    Address book not showing contacts

    We recently migrated from BPOS to Office365. The transition went well and our users who had office 2003 were upgraded to office 2010. I have one user (so far) who is unable to view his contacts in the address book. When selecting the address book directly it does not show his contacts and...