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    Application_ItemSend not accessed when sending email outside outlook (i.e. word or send to mail from

    Hi can anyone help me the queries which i posted. Regards, Sunil
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    Check if two organisition is added then i have to give managers passward creteria to send mail

    Hi Team, I have to write the macro if i send my mail between two organasition then then it shoud be prompted me messge for managers passward. ' My orgranastion is HCL if my mail address is HCL as well as IBM den also it shoud be prompted me messge like this. Please anyone help me on this as i...
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    Checking attachment is passward protected or not before sending the mail

    Hi Team, i have to write macro to check the attachement is passward protected or not. if not then messges shoud be pop up saying that "your attachement is not pssward protected still you want to send if i click yes then i shoud be able to send a mail. Please help me ASAP, Regards, Sunil