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    Change devider and send hyberlink with informations.

    Hi My plans are to change Email providers, and when my current mail will be deleted, I have a wish to in good time to inform my contacts that my mail is will be changed. 1. Is it possible for Outlook 2013 to change my current sender mail, to the new, so recipients automatically reply back to my...
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    Translate mail directly in Outlook 2010

    Hi About Outlook 2010 I would like to be able to translate English mail directly in Outlook, but do not have the option to select Danish. Have searched on the net but haven't been able to find a solution on how I get Danish put into. hoping for help ... Here is a link to capture how...
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    One host - several emailadresse

    I am hosting at a hosting provider, you have several email addresses on the same account. Can I create all my email address on the account together, and then choose which one of them will be used when I send an email? Other suggestions are also welcome attached picture might better...
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    Change answer format

    Hello Some of the mail I will answer, there are some features in the top menu is grayed out - how do I make this mail on to "normal" format .. see picture Filinformation og download - - outlook.jpg
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    possible to access my PST file on the Internet

    How do I make it possible to access my PST file on the Internet. I would like to have access to my Outlook data file via the Internet. I've allready so that my Gmail can be viewed in Outlook, but I also want to sync the other way, so all my mail and folders in Outlook, can be viewed via a...