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    Outlook 2016 Conditional Format for User Defined Field

    Using the macro from vbnet I have a user defined field senderfullname which displays the contact as the sender of the email. If the sender is not one of my contacts the field understandably is blank. The results in an empty space in my inbox. While I could add the from field in the column...
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    Custom Outlook Form - Populate Information from Radio Button / Check Box

    My contacts pay for courses, I created a radio button for payment type (cc, check, cash) and check boxes for course titles. Radio button - How can I populate the information from the radio button into the user defined field - paymenttype? Courses - what is the most efficient way to see what...
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    Display Sender As Contact

    This Finally Worked For Me! Thank you so much. It is amazing to see how much clearer my messages are. I was searching high and low for an answer and this one is amazing. I tried very hard to get this macro to work for days on end, I kept running it without any success changing this field and...
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    Display Sender As Contact

    I am looking to display the sender of the email in the inbox as a contact. I often get emails from people who text like It would be wonderful if I could display the full name of the sender since it is in my contacts. Please advise.