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    Archiving Problems

    Thanks Diane. I think I spoke too soon. It has definitely sped up very significantly, though at times it does still hang when switching between different views/folders. I use multiple Exchange mailboxes on O365. I suspect having multiple mailboxes might be part of the issue. But now that...
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    Archiving Problems

    Thanks for your response. Neither on #2, but I just ended up transferring them manually. Unfortunately going from a 15 gb file to a 500 MB files doesn't seem to have made a bit of difference with regard to Outlook hanging and being slow. Which is pretty much something I just live with as a...
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    Archiving Problems

    My Outlook 2016 ost mailbox was about 15 GB so today I tried to archive everything from 2010 - 2016 to a pst file, using the built in tool (File > Tools ?\> Clean Up Old Items). I havetwo questions: 1. When I look at "folder size" within Outlook, it now shows about 1Gb, which is about what...
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    Default Send Account that Works?

    I have (3) Exchange accounts + an account set up in Outlook 2016. I have the main account (File > Account Settings) set as the default send account, but it appears to be a worthless setting that only works if I've launched Outlook and created a new message. Otherwise the send to...
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    Column for To Email Address

    I have an Exchange email account with many different email aliases. Is there any column available that can be used in an email folder view so I can easily see which email alias address the email was actually sent to? For instance let's say the account address is "" and the...
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    Change First/Last Order of Contact Names (O 2016)

    I feel like this should be really easy to figure out or find with a search, but I'm not having any luck. In Outlook 2016 People list views there is a "full name" column. It displays as first/last, but it also includes title. So every darn name shows up with a Mr. or Ms. making it worthless to...
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    Outlook for Android - Dismiss Reminders?

    Please see attached screesnhot. A recent upgrade changed Outlook for Android and when notifications reminders come up I can no long see a way to dismiss or snooze them. I can dismiss the Android notification itself, but Outlook pops it up again every 5 minutes. The only way I've been able to...
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    Outlook for Android Questions

    Edit: for anyone else who finds this thread due to the same issue, cancel what I said above. Turning off the permissions DID work, but at the expense of losing the ability to sync the contacts in Outlook to the phones Contact app.
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    Outlook for Android Questions

    But that's the thing, even the default Android Contacts app does Not show them. So it may be providing some type of "hook" that Outlook is pulling them from, but it knows better than to add all those people to my contacts. But....that bit of information gave me the key to fixing the issue. I...
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    Outlook for Android Questions

    Thanks for your responses Diane! Re: # 3, just to be sure, it will NOT cause phone (only) contacts to sync back into Outlook/Exchange, correct? I'm absolutely positive they are followers, because I no longer use G+ and don't follow anyone. That's one of the reasons it's so irritating to see...
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    Outlook for Android Questions

    1. First the silliest question of the day - is there anyplace users can go anymore to find a FULL online help manual for a product? Not isolated help articles based on a search, but an actual manual that allows you to see information on every setting in the app? 2. No matter what I do, under...
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    Outlook Add-on for Exchange Spam Management?

    We are using Office 365. As the admin I would like a simple way to blacklist/block certain domains for our entire Office 365 account right from Outlook. As an example when I'm hit with spam all day I'd like to be able to right click on the message and select "block all email from this domain"...
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    Advanced Search Question

    Edit: found the answer here: I frequently need to do searches on email sent to people at a specific company. For instance, let's suppose I want to search for the following: - All emails sent to anyone with as part of the...
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    Stopping "do you want to continue running scripts on this page" warnings

    Well, over a year later and these nasty messages have popped up again and now I can't get rid of them. I've disabled script debugging in IE and also unchecked "Display a notification about every script error". In spite of that every freaking time I open my Planet Software Year View calendar I...
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    Make Days "Bolder" in Side Calendars?

    When I select the calendar view in Outlook 2010 I can drag the sidebar over and see a years worth or easily more of the small 30-day calendars on the side. Days that have appointments are bold, but the difference is so subtle it's ridiculous. Is there any way to make those days bolder or a...
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    Outlook 2013 .ost File Size

    OK, so in case anyone else encounters this, I discovered that Outlook 2013 had defaulted to only caching 12 months of mail. I had to go to account settings and tell it to cache all.
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    Outlook 2013 .ost File Size

    I just moved from Outlook 2010 to Outlook 2013. In the process I deleted the ost file and let 2013 create a new one. The .ost file in 2010 was 12 GB (I have several years of mail), both on my desktop and laptop. The .ost file for 2013 is 3 GB! It sure looks like everything has resynced, but...
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    See Email Address Received Email was Sent To?

    Found it! Just needed to change my Google search terms. Either file>properties when the message is open, or better yet, this:
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    See Email Address Received Email was Sent To?

    I use Microsoft Outlook 2010 with a hosted exchange account. I also maintain several alias addresses, most of them get directed to certain folders via rules. On occasion I need to double-check the email address (alias) a message was sent to. Clicking on my name in the "to" area doesn't work...