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    Appointment Show All Fields

    When opening a contact item the ribbon includes a "Show" group in the Contact tab. This group includes: General, Details, Certificates, and All Fields. All four options are selectable and the form view changes accordingly. So far, so good. When opening a calendar/appointment item the ribbon...
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    Delete/create/reset Exchange mailbox on

    That's what I was afraid of. Beside someone just wanting to clear all items in a mailbox, which I know can be initiated with a find all and delete, albeit slowly processing, how would one go about handling possible mailbox corruption or otherwise bad data that might still linger in the mailbox...
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    Delete/create/reset Exchange mailbox on

    Is there any way to delete and create or otherwise reset to start fresh with a clean Exchange mailbox on I tried looking through the and associated MS Account settings and help docs but couldn't find anything obvious. I also couldn't find a way to remove...
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    Business Card View Missing Address Line Breaks

    Yeah. I'll have to prepare a VB script to touch all the contact addresses with something unique and then remove it. Thanks. I will mark this as solved. As for the history of the records, it's hard to say. Almost all of the contacts in the PST have come over from previous versions of...
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    Text Format Change - Bulk Edit Contact Notes

    I keep notes in many of my contacts records. At some point when going from one version of Outlook to a newer version, MS changed the default font for the Notes field from Arial 10 to Calibri 11. Also, some Windows Mobile devices default to Tahoma. Of course any record that already had content in...
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    Business Card View Missing Address Line Breaks

    In the Business Card view I occasionally find a record that is displayed without line breaks in the address field. For example: As displayed with the contact record open: 1 Main St Lavelle CA 55655 In the Business Card view. 1 Main StLavelle CA 55655 The only way...