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    Send mail and contents of body from ms word document

    Hello, I send mail with this script and the contents of body are cell values, now i want to add the contents from ms word which is in "c:\Email Contents\covering.doc". Please some guide me doing this. Option Explicit Sub Send_Files() Dim OutApp As Outlook.Application Dim...
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    Download & Move Attachments

    Hi, With this script i am already downloading and saving the particular files to my hard drive, now i have some more attachment to be downloaded but i want them to be saved to different folder on my hard drive, Help me to do this which will ease my work of moving files from one place to...
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    Trigger macro to run after a new mail is received in Outlook?

    I tried that too but still it does not trigger the script to download the attachments. The script which i am using to download the attachments and then move to Personal Mail folder is stated below. The outlook is configured only for single email. Any help in this regards will be highly...
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    Trigger macro to run after a new mail is received in Outlook?

    Hello, Win 7, Outlook 2013 I use macro that does an action on some of the files that arrive to my inbox in Outlook. However, I have to click/run button to run this macro. Is there a way that this macro runs automatically whenever an email arrives to my inbox? Please help. I have tried...