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    How to Import YES/NO Checkboxes?

    Simple question I hope: I created a YES/NO field checkbox in BCM. Now, when importing from an Excel or CSV file, what do I put in the source file to get a CHECK in the BCM record? I tried 1, -1, 0, YES, Yes, Y, NO, no, N, TRUE, and True to no avail. Thanks in advance.
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    Cannot access the Form Editor

    I deleted a user defined field in one custom Business Contact Form, and now I cannot open the form editor for any form! Whether I am in a record and try to click the "Form Layout" button, or I go to File-Business Contact Manager-Customize Record Types-(pick any form)-Customize Form, I get a...
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    convert/import a customized record into the default "Account" record

    Hi all. I created a highly customized "Entity" record type based on an Account record, and also created a highly customized "Individual" record type based on a Business Contact. Now since I cannot delete the default Account and Business Contact types, it is unnecessarily confusing for users...
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    Blank Pop-up Window when click "Manage Sharing"

    When I attempt to share my database by clicking on "Manage Sharing", I get a pop-up window that has nothing but a yellow triangle with an exclamation point in it, and an "OK" button. If I click OK, the window disappears but the sharing wizard does not open. Any thoughts? The log file...
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    Predefined Outlook Fields not available to add into a BCM record

    When in form design in Business Contact Manager, there are many "standard" fields that do not show up as available to add in to a custom Account or Business Contact. A nice, clean example is the field "Assistant's Phone." Like many predefined fields, it does not show up as a field that can be...
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    How best to track OUTGOING referrals?

    Hi Diane, thanks for responding. So what I've done is added to the Opportunity form a custom field called "Person referred by/to" as a relationship data type and a destination field name called "Referrals Made/Received (destination record type is All Contact Types for now). This seems to work...
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    How to let data in an account user defined field appear in the same field all related opportunities

    I have a similar need where I need to add a previously made user defined field from a contact record (in this case a relationship field) into an opportunity form. It seems you cannot "add field from a different form" into an opportunity if the field is from a contact record. Anyone find a...
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    How best to track OUTGOING referrals?

    Hi, I'm very new to MS BCM. I need to track referrals and can see that a default Opportunity can be used to track an incoming referral from a third party Account using the "Initiated By" field. However, I also need to track all outgoing referrals. So if I create a new Opportunity, the "Link...