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    Help sending email but removing signature via VBA

    I get an user-defined error type not defined for objDoc As Word.Document *edit, I fixed this by going here Compile Error: User-defined type not defined just in case anyone googles across to this post
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    Help sending email but removing signature via VBA

    Hey Diane, thanks! yes, i'd love to just delete the signature but anytime I've tried with VBA, it deletes the entire body of the email. The template is just a formatted message with headers and an image. Below is the frame. There is a bit of content in each box and an image in the top box. Not...
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    Help sending email but removing signature via VBA

    I have my primary email and then I can send from another (Alt email), but that alt email is not an account that is added to my outlook, but I can send/receive from it. Hope that makes sense. Since the alt email account is not added, then I can't set it to have a default signature. Therefore I...
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    Breaking lines, expected end of statement

    strBody = "<p style='font-family:calibri;font-size:14.5'><br><br><br><br>paragraph goes here. Next paragraph goes here</p>" I want to break and have a new paragraph before "Next" and I want to break that code so it splits into two lines. How do I do that?
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    Setting flag follow up for next business day

    I want to be able to run this macro and instead of just flagging the follow up for the next day, I would like it to set it for the next business day. Can anyone help? Sub ForwardFlag() Call ForwardAttachment Call Set_FollowUp End Sub Sub ForwardAttachment() Dim MyItem As Object...