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    how to collect details from user, during installation of office addin?

    During installation of the office addin, what is the process if we have to collect some details from user and use those parameters to store somewhere to be used by the addin. I am using vsto setup project to prepare installer. I am able to add ui interface like a textboxes dialog, to...
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    How to programmatically set "Display reminders and tasks frm pstfolder

    As described in it is possible to display tasks, reminders, and flagged items in the To-Do Bar if you use a .pst file in Outlook 2007. The question is, how to programmatically set this property?
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    Setting HTMLBody of new mailItem

    Hi, I need to assign some default html string to the htmlbody property of the new mailItem that is being displayed inside an inspector. Even though I assign the property some value, it is not taking it as exactly what I assigned. It is getting all the default htmlbody and rendering...
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    How to find mailitem in the inspector is a brand new one

    How to find mailitem in the inspector is a brand new one? I have an event handler for Application.NewInspector There I want to find whether the mailitem is brand new mailitem or a mail from Drafts / or from some folder Can anybody throw some light in this area