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    delete unsended messages

    Dear outlook forums, I can't delete email which I tried to sent to multiple recipients and every time I open outlook it always tries to send them but without successs. what have I to do?
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    outlook pst files

    Dear Diane Poremssky, I have windows xp as O.S. and I already tried to delete accounts and add them back, no way....
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    outlook pst files

    Dear Diane Poremsky,many thanks for reply to thread. I'm sorry to tell you that the open folder location button is not available by click.If I want to restore or find any .pst files is impossible to see the path in account settings - data completely unavailable.... I have tried to...
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    outlook pst files

    Hi at all! I'm new registered at this site...I would ask you some advices about this issue: in outlook 2007 when I try to open personal folders in a hotmail account,suddenly a message appears :"cannot expand folders.Outlook.ost file is not a offline folders. I already tried...