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    Are there any Sound options for Office 2016 specifcally for outlook?

    Does anyone know if Office 2016 has any options sound like highly popular Office Sounds add-in that was support in Office up thru Office 2007? I am particularly interested in the sounds that were for OL like the one that would play when you re-sorted the inbox.
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    OL 2010 - Slooooowwwwwinggg Downnnnnnn

    You may want to sit down for this one. According to TaskMgr OL was using just under half of my 4GB of ram the other day. As for any other apps nothing comes close to OL. I bet it is LYNC. UGGGHH Thanks
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    OL 2010 - Slooooowwwwwinggg Downnnnnnn

    Just curious if anyone using OL2010 knows anything about performance issues with it when using it in combination with EXCHANGE 2010? For example how much memory should it be using (as shown in TaskMgr.exe) ? Is there any kind of tool for checking to see if there is a problem? Does it have a...