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    Outlook does not show new appointments in To-Do-Bar

    Hello Diana, I am using Outlook 2013. The new appointments entered using the calendar (for example, ones that I created today) do not show up in the to-do-bar. I used /resettodobar option, I have the right data file as default. Any ideas? Thank you.
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    Calendar does not point to deafult data file

    Hello, I moved from Outlook 2010 to 2013 by using tlast year's pst file for the transfer. I have several IMAP accounts. The data goes to an ost file. I realized that my calendar is linked to another data (pst) file (the original data file I started from) not to the default data file. therefore...
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    Drafts go to a different pst!

    Hello Diana, I am using IMAP for my email server under the, so called, Mail Exchange (equivalent to MS Exchange I guess) provided by 1and. The IMAP setup points to 2014.pst file, but not his, another pst file, 2013.pst is the default pst file! I do not know how this is so, but I could not...
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    IMAP account messed up badly

    Hello Diana, After reading a lot of internet responses, I deleted my messed up account and created a new one. All is working now. I can send emails from this account as well. Thank you as usual for your kind help. Sincerely, Cem
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    IMAP account messed up badly

    Hello Diana, Thank you for your encouraging words. Yes. I get "!Task ' - sending' reported (0x8004010F) :'Outlook data file cannot be accessed' error, when I send an email from this account. I can send teh same email from another account fine. And this is because, the IMAP...
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    IMAP account messed up badly

    Hello, I changed my mail provider from Office 365 Exchange to a 1and1 MailExhange. They use IMAP accounts. I am using Outlook 2010. After I created the new account, I copied all the mail entries from my old folders to the new folders to th new one by drag and drop. But then I realized, I could...
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    After syncing with iCould appoinmnet reminders do not show in the to-do bar

    Hello, I synched my Outlook 2010 calendar with iCloud for my iPhone. I have now two issues: 1. The Outlook does not show any appointment remainders ("no upcoming appointments" appeared in the to do/appointments panel). I copied all calender items to default calendar folder and this folder...