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    Outlook Fonts not Sticking

    KB doesn't apply to the situation. It isn't every user that this is happening to, just some. We were trying to see if there was any common factor, but really can't find any. We do not use a registry cleaner. Some of the people shut down their computers every day and some leave them on. So...
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    Outlook Fonts not Sticking

    We have the entire Office suite using Outlook 2010 on an Exchange Server 2010 SP3R2. We also have a disclaimer that is automatically added to each email that is sent outside of the firm, which is added from the Exchange Server. We are running a 32bit Office Suite on a 64bit Windows 7 SP1. We...
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    Outlook Fonts not Sticking

    We have been working with MS for the past 7 months regarding Outlook Fonts changing back to Calibri 11. Users are changing their default fonts through File, Options and somehow after a fews days, they are reverting back to Calibri 11 (microsoft's default) We have changed...
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    Outlook Advanced Find

    If I search for emails with a specific word from the search (Ctrl E) and then select the items found and then right click, select Move and select other folder - The list of all my emails folders appear. If I use the Advanced Search option from the Search Tools on the ribbon, when I...