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    Stop more than one person responding to an email?

    Hello All, I have posted this before, and it seems that there is no solution. However, I cant see that we could be the only company to face this issue. We have one SBS server running exchange, and about 15 people who run outlook on their machine. Occasionally we will get a query through...
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    Flagging Emails for Colleagues

    Thank you Diane, i reached much the same conclusion, however it would seem the way our system is set up is that our info@.. email address is just a group and does not have its own mail box. Ill have a word with our sys admin and see what we can do. Thank you for your help.
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    Flagging Emails for Colleagues

    The messages come through to the info@... email address, and is sent to all members of the company. I am desperately trying to avoid the 'I got this' email as it seems very bulky and problematic approach. No one person maintains this email so it would be hard to use categories, however it...
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    Flagging Emails for Colleagues

    Hello All, I am after a solutions for a small issue that it seems should be quite simple to achieve, but as yet I cannot find the settings. I work alongside a small group of people and we all receive one single email address as well as our own. It seems to happing quite often that we...