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    Viewing .GIF animations in browser

    When I receive an email with a .GIF animation I could always see the animation by going to "actions, then view in browser." However, suddenly that stopped working & when I try to view in browser get a empty box with a red X in the corner. Using Outlook 2010, IE Ver 11. Hope someone can help with...
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    View in browser stopped displaying .GIFs in Outlook 2010

    In the past I could view embedded animations in Outlook 2010 by going to actions, view in browser. Recently that stopped working. Now when I go to actions, view in browser it converts the animated image to an empty square with just a red x in the corner. What changed? How do I fix?
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    Save embedded image in native format

    Thanks but I want to save in the native format. If it is a GIF (animated) file most of the time it will not save as an animation and much of the time my only choices are PNG or BMP, yet a friend of mine who also runs Office 2010 can save as an animated GIF. I'm a retired old lady so enjoy doing...
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    Save embedded image in native format

    Thought I answered this quite sometime ago. Guess not! Yes, the images are "embedde." Most of the time I cannot save in native format. Usually wants to save all images as either PNG or BMP
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    Save embedded image in native format

    Oh my, not sure if I know what is meant by "external content." In the past when there an image appears in the body of an e-mail I thought that would be considered "embedded." How do I know the difference between embedded & external content? Appreciate your quick response.
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    Save embedded image in native format

    Supposedly in Outlook 2010 you can right-click on embedded images and get the "save as" option. About 90% of the time when a GIF or any other image is embedded the only option I have is "copy." Is there a setting that needs to be adjusted so I can "save as" and in the original format?
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    Outlook only starts in safe mode

    Problem seemed to occur AFTER I downloaded a "coupon printer" required by many coupon sites. So I uninstalled coupon printer & restarted. Didn't help. Other efforts: Deactivated all Outlook add-ons. I ran "diagnostics." Typed APPWIZ.CPL in run field then did a repair install, then...