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    Unable to create contacts subfolder in EAS profile

    Yes, it seems that supports only one Contacts list, regardless of the protocol used in the Outlook client account. I did review your forum entry on using a PST file to save the non-mail components, which I did. However, only the EAS account would not let me create a Contacts...
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    Unable to create contacts subfolder in EAS profile

    The IMAP profile does support a Contacts subfolder as well as other POP account profiles. It's just the EAS profile that does not. I would really like to use EAS, but without a second contacts list, it's a show stopper for me. Thank you, Diane, for your quick response.
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    Unable to create contacts subfolder in EAS profile

    I have created an EAS profile in Outlook 365 (2013). But unlike IMAP and POP profiles, I am unable to create a subfolder under Contacts to define a different contact list. How can I create another contacts list using an EAS profile?
  4. T and profiles

    Yes, I used the @ sign, not the dot as in my previous reply. Just a senior moment. At this point I am so confused with the email setup that I'm about ready to start over. The Outlook IMAP profile synchronizes with and my Windows phone IMAP account. But when I delete emails on my...
  5. T and profiles

    I was finally able to setup an IMAP profile on my Outlook 365 client. I'm not sure what I changed to make it work, but I think it was due to changing the username from myname to
  6. T and profiles

    Those are the exact server names and settings I used. I don't know why email setup should be so complicated. Thank you for your expertise. If you can think of anything that might be preventing this profile from being setup, please let me know.
  7. T and profiles

    I'm still struggling to setup an IMAP profile on my Outlook 365 client. I can't get past the pop up password message (see above) that comes up repeatedly when it tries to verify my settings, which I have double checked to determine they are correct. On the same client, I have an...
  8. T and profiles

    No, that's what puzzled me. I'm not using's two step verification...I never set it up. But the error sure looks like that's the problem. It seems that the hurdles never stop coming!
  9. T and profiles

    I successfully created a Comcast IMAP profile on my Outlook desktop client using the link you provided. Then I tried to setup an IMAP profile. But after entering all of the correct values, when I clicked Next to do the test, it kept prompting me for my password, which was...
  10. T and profiles

    Unfortunately, Comcast does not support IMAP...only POP3. Microsoft recommends using EAS for so that your email will sync with tablets and smartphones. I don't know if that would work for IMAP. I have setup Comcast to forward email to There is such a setting in the...
  11. T and profiles

    I am using Outlook 2013 as my desktop email client. My original primary profile is (POP3). I have added a profile for my (EAS) account in order to receive emails on my Windows phone. Because POP3 and EAS are incompatible, I am unable to copy/move folders and emails from...