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    Getting a colleagues appointments and calendar entries

    This is very peculiar, I will keep it brief. Appearing in my outlook 2013 calendar are appointments that a colleague has on his outlook. We do not have an exchange server. How on earth can this be happening? The only add-in I have is the Eset AV one. I know he has been experimenting with...
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    Outlook not responding when sending email

    Bump.... anyone? I can't be the only person this has happened to - it's definitely somehow linked with an inline image in the email to which I am replying as it never happens when sending an email from scratch, or when replying in plain text. thanks
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    Outlook not responding when sending email

    All, I have an issue where on replies to certain emails, outlook locks up completely, needs to be restarted and I lose what I have typed. Outlook is 100% stable when receiving and reading emails and replying to 90% of emails. I can't see any difference in the ones where it crashes and the...