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    Any 3rd party tool that sync (mirror) from Outlook Calendar to Google Calendar?

    I have been using gSynchit ( since about 2015 as it allowed me to synch with Google as well as Dropbox, SimpleNote (and more) at once. While I no longer use any of these spyware services, I still use gSynchit with Fastmail to synch my contacts and calendar. I do recall...
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    Is it possible to have a reminder in Outlook 2021 for every 90 days

    I'd to it as a task. You just want a reminder, which a task will do without taking up unnecessary space on your calendar.
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    Why does MS do these things????

    Hi Eagle; I share your concern with Microsoft (and other tech giants) collecting and selling information on its users. I use a CalyxOS cel phone, I have a secondary Linux computer on which I use Libra Office and the Thunderbird email client. Alas, there is no MS-Office for Linux. If there was...
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    Migrating Outlook

    I need to migrate my Outlook 2019 using *.ost from one Win10 PC to another. I would like to know the current best practices to do this. Do I migrate over the OST? When I config the IMAP mail on the new installation, it will probably create another OST file. Let me know :)
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    Outlook 2019 Not Using Auto Compete After Deletion of 365

    I feel your pain as I got the same thing - I migrated from O365 to SMTP FastMail. It works great but the auto-complete appears lost :( The best sollution seems to be to type a few letters of the email recipeinet in the "To" field and then lcik the "@Check Names" button. This will pull a meny of...
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    Outlook 365 HELP! Calendar Craziness!

    Hi Chris; If your shared-calendar system with your spouse works for you, that is great! if it ain't broke, don't fix it :) There is probably a way in Outlook to auto-send an email reminder on a scheduled basis (through a macro). I'd set up a re-ocurring Outlook task for the day before to...
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    Outlook 365 HELP! Calendar Craziness!

    (Note: this is for desktop outlook - not O365 nor OWA Calendar) Hi Chris; In Outlook you can have multiple calendars (and multiple task folders, multiple contact lists). Outlook has "views" that allow you to display composites of these. The view in your screenshot is a composite of two (or...
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    Upgrading from: MS Office Professional Plus 2010 to: MS Office Professional Plus 2021

    Consider screenshoting (or otherwise documenting) you settings before you migrate. I have so many specific settings on Tasks that eveloved of years that it is a pain to recreate.
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    This rule has a condition that the server cannot process?

    Chris; Short reply - try running your Outlook rules on your Inbox. Long reply - My email processing method had been to start a session by moving email from all my inboxes into a folder titled "Today". My Outlook rules would process on this mailbox. I have just migrated to FastMail IMAP and this...
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    What is your strategy for dealing with SPAM and Junk Mail?

    The problem with filters is there tendency of "throwing the baby out with the bathwater". I have my Outlook junk-mail filtering set to not automatically detect junk-mail, but it does so anyway. Coincidetlally, I just got mail filtered into my "Spam" folder from a sender's domain that I...
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    Saving Data: Don't check certain folders

    Chris; Does your email provider have a web interface? If you get a lot of unnecessary big attachment email, you could delete from the web interface without downloading. The allure of IMAP for me is having my email and folders stored, accessible and usable securely online AND having this...
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    Site name?

    I hate to date myself but a "slip stick" was slang for a slide ruler.
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    I'm thinking about switching back to POP

    I am thinking the same thing - switching back to POP. I no longer need to access my email data from multiple devices. Back in the day of early Blackberry, I could access my POP inbox from a Blackberry, send email if I was so inclined. When I download my POP email to my desktop client, it was...
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    Unable to delete folders in Outlook 2019 / Windows

    I just finished a migration from a MS-Exchange email service (GoDaddy) to FastMail. I am now neither able to delete folders that I manually imported nor folders I newly create. I migrated my data and its file structure directly from GoDaddy to Fastmail without a problem. Likewise, I can access...
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    Export task list view settings to other pc

    When I run the first part of this,CopyView, the selector comes up and I select a task folder as a directory and then.. nothing. This is what I would expect as it is does copy. When I run the second part, ImportView, I get the error message "Run-time error '91': Object variable or With block...
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    what file contains contacts, tasks and appointments stored locally?

    I am moving my Outlook 2016 on win 10 install to a new PC. My main email account is an IMAP, which migrated all my email without issue. I run contacts, tasks and appointments locally. My question is where are these local items stored? I assumed it was in a *.pst file but I can't find it! Is...
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    GTD Netcentrics add-in for 2016

    Hello TwoFivePie; I empathize as I have been using GTDOA for at least a decade. As GTDOA will not run on future versions of Outlook, I have put together my own GTD for Outlook based on Outlook's robust functionality that goes beyond GTDOA. However, I really miss GTDOA's ProjectCentral...