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  1. David Langer

    Outlook 2016 (365) How to restore the ability to Re-Map iCloud IMAP Folders

    I run the latest release of Outlook 2016 (365) for Windows and up until an update or so, you had the ability to re-map some of the IMAP folders for That functionality seems to have disappeared. Now, each time I use Outlook for Windows, on my iPhone and Mac, I now have to manually...
  2. David Langer

    Outlook 2016 iCloud 5.0 for Windows and Outlook 2016

    I am running Outlook 2016 32-bit on Windows 10 Enterprise. Yesterday, Apple released the iCloud 5.0 Control Panel for Windows. It supports Windows 10 but does not support Outlook 2016. Since I primarily use an iPhone, I have all my contacts in iCloud as it provides the best experience on the...