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    Problem with custom form including _DocSiteControl1

    Intending to edit a custom form, I inadvertently opened an existing record rather than the new item form (a few years since I developed the forms!). I have done so before on occasions and have simply been able to go into each field and blank out the unwanted data before publishing (without...
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    Conditional formatting - font sizes

    This seems like a really basic issue so it's probably been answered many times - apologies in advance. When changing the font in a message list view to 8pt Arial in OL2013 the choices for the conditional formatting of unread messages are: smaller, normal, big and bigger. If I select 'normal' I...
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    Move Personal Forms Library

    Had to reinstall OS and data -Win 8/Office2013 - all good up until OL2013 custom forms - naively perhaps I thought I could just copy the backed up AppData\Local\Microsoft\FORMS folder over the existing folder - wrong! Is there any way of doing this? ('instaling' the forms needs a 'cfg' file...
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    ActivitiesTab in OL2000 - same functionality in OL2013?

    In OL2000 I was able to view all items in a given folder for a contact using the 'activities' tab, and I used this to see all 'bookings' (which were actually calendar items) for a contact - OL2013 doesn't have this feature, is there any way I can achieve this functionality?