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    Task not visible in SharePoint

    Hi! The code below converts incoming mail in Outlook to a task and moves the task to a SharePoint-list. So far so good:) When the task appears in the SharePoint-list it should be given a status (Not Started, Started, Completed) automatically. This is a requirement to make the line visible...
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    Task in SharePoint-list not visible to colleagues

    Hi! My previous post regarding a non working macro has somewhat been resolved. The macro works now and converts incoming mail to tasks and puts them in a dedicated SharePoint-list. The problem is - which is very odd - that it is only visible to me:( When my colleagues try to synchronize...
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    What happened?

    Hi folks! The following code was put in a self-signed macro two months ago and was working like a charm, but now it doesn't work any more. Any ideas why? This macro converts incoming mail to a task and then moves them to a SharePoint-list. What happends is that it doesn't do it automatic...
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    Auto-conversion mail to task

    Hi! I'm having kind of a challenge. I'm trying to redirect received e-mails from a shared account in Outlook to a SharePoint task list. By doing so two steps are required: 1. Converting the received e-mail in the shared account's inbox to a task - which unfortunately, as I understand...