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    Bugs in Outlook 2010

    Is anyone maintaining a list of known bugs in Outlook 2010? Based on past experience, how does Microsoft eventually fix Outlook bugs? Here's a bug in Outlook 2010 that I'm sure almost everyone has discovered: Suppose you want to move a message to a new subfolder of an existing folder...
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    Disappearing address book

    I've been using Outlook 2010 for a couple weeks. Suddenly clicking on 'Address Book' (on the 'Home' tab in the 'Mail' module) no longer displays the address book. The contact search facility just above the 'Address Book' button still works. And when creating an email, clicking 'To' lets me...
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    Outlook could help move messages to their usual folder

    How I would like Outlook to move mail into folders Ok, I’m not an Outlook power user. And perhaps my needs are unusual…but maybe not. First of all, I keep all emails I get from and send to several hundred individuals and companies. I have a folder for each individual and each company...