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    two unrelated problems

    I'm having two problems with my new computer with Outlook 2013. 1. I can send email just fine the first time I connect to Outlook, but after that it doesn't work properly. When I first connect, it prompts me for my password and then sends the message as it should. However, on my desktop sending...
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    return to inbox

    Ok I wasn't sure how to word the title of this, so here's what I want done. Currently, it returns me to the inbox after reading each message. I read my inbox from the top down and would like Outlook to automatically go to the next message as soon as I'm done reading the previous message. I set...
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    Outlook suddenly very slow

    Hello all, My outlook is suddenly very slow to start. On Saturday, I had to uninstall a bunch of Apple stuff because the iTunes update was missing a required DLL and iTunes wouldn't run. I got that working, but ever since then Outlook hangs on the opening screen before the InBox is displayed...