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    Error using AddressEntry.GetContact - need help

    I am trying to do some automation on distribution lists, but am running into a snag. In a distribution list the GetMember method returns a Recipient object which has a limited amount of information and I want to get the Contact object represented by the Recipient. I test to make sure the...
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    New Quick Step based on Team email QS - automatically update too

    I want to create a new QS that would use the same people that are automatically maintained in the Team Email QS and have that new QS also maintained in the same fashion how would I do that? If I duplicate the Team Email the list of names is copied to the To: line (and I assume is at that...
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    ThisOutlookSession in VBA not there anymore and code is gone

    Using Outlook 2007 and Win XP. Yesterday I invoked a VBA procedure (it empties all of my Deleted Items Folders), and for some reason Outlook crashed. I have been using this procedure for several years, so I know that it was stable. Now when I open Outlook, I get the...
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    Using "<>" around a path does not work in 2007?

    When I need to send a path to someone in an email that has spaces in it, I used to be able to copy the path, then type "<", paste the path then type ">" (without the "") and the entire path would be recognized as the address instead of Outlook interpreting the address to be whatever is up to the...
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    Search Folder Updating Issue

    I have several pst files in multiple locations (on a server and on my local HD). I have set up Search Folders on some of those pst files to show Unread mail in the subfolders. The Unread folders do not update as they should. I have found that the only reliable way to get them sync'ed back up and...