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    Macro or plug-in to see if specific person was included in this email

    Does anyone know about any macros or add-ins that could potentially help with this situation: You receive an email that's been sent to a large number of people, including distribution lists. You realize that Bob Smith should see this email, but you can't easily see whether he was in the To or...
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    Conditional Formatting in calendar part of To-Do Bar

    I created conditional formatting on my calendar to indicate whether I'm a Required Attendee (dark red) or an Optional Attendee (light red) for appointments and meetings. I was dismayed to discover that the formatting did not apply to the Calendar portion of the To-Do bar. Any suggestions on how...
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    Conditional formatting problem with "is not empty" and categories

    I made a conditional formatting rule to change the font on messages that have any Category assigned. I set the query as "Categories" and "is not empty." Guess what? It applies the formatting to every single message. I troubleshot the issue by unchecking every single other rule and it still does...
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    Shortcut/button to a Calendar Group

    Greetings, I've made several Calendar Groups (me and the boss, me and a few coworkers, etc). I hide the left folder bar and it takes several clicks to change between Calendar Groups. Is there a way to make a button on the Ribbon or above the ribbon to display one of several Calendar Groups...
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    Custom view in todo bar with "Today," "tomorrow" groupings

    Hi and thanks for replying. I'm not anywhere near a computer to be able to test, but I'm pretty sure that going into sort and adding date and priority will change that groupings from "today" and "tomorrow" to specific dates.
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    Custom view in todo bar with "Today," "tomorrow" groupings

    If using one of the pre-built arrangement views, Outlook will sort and arrange by due date or start date, and the groupings will be "Today," Tomorrow," "This Week," "Next Week," and "Next Month." If you try to do any customization, but using due date or start date as the grouper, you can't get...
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    Create task with email URL instead of attachment

    Well, I've abandoned this idea. My idea at first was to have a macro that would take an incoming e-mail with some kind of required action, create a task from that email, and include a link to the original email. That way when I am about to mark the task complete I could click the link to the...
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    VBA code to rename a task (flagged message)

    Hi. Has anyone seen code that can prompt for a phrase to rename a task? Thank you.
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    Create task with email URL instead of attachment

    Thank you for replying (to both my questions). When is it possible for an EntryID to change? If I move an e-mail to a folder, would the e-mails EntryID always remain the same? What if I rename the folder? What if I move the folder? Can anyone point me in the direction of some code that is at...
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    Have Rule or Quick Step PROMPT for custom FLAG Due/Reminder date

    Thanks for replying! My follow-up (which should have been my initial) is: can anyone point me to some code that is at least part of the way toward flagging a message with a prompt to choose the date? Thank you.
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    Create task with email URL instead of attachment

    Hello, I use Quick Steps to Create a task with attachment. Is there a way to use VBA to instead Create a task with URL to original email? I read a little bit and it seems like there is an EntryID for each unique item in Outlook. Would this EntryID remain the same even if I moved the email...
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    Have Rule or Quick Step PROMPT for custom FLAG Due/Reminder date

    Hello! I automate some things using Quick Steps and Rules. - For some mail items I use a Quick Step to automatically Flag Message for follow-up. - I also have a rule that in some conditions flags an incoming email for follow-up. In any or all of those cases I would like to know if I could use...