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    Understanding Calendars

    Hi; I'm looking to get directed to somewhere that I can get an overview of understanding different calendars and contact lists across different platforms. I use Outlook 2010, and have an android phone which I have been using a Gmail account. I have been successful for the most part in syncing...
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    Opening messages takes too long

    I recently re-installed windows 7 along with Office. I have my IMAP account set up in Outlook, but when I click on a message it takes quite a long time to open. For example I went back and checked the settings and had the test message sent. The message arrfived in my inbox ok, but It took...
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    Default Account Change

    I recently re-installed Windows and Office as part of adding an SSD. I have installed Outlook but have not configured it yet. In the prior installation, the primary/default email account used a POP address, and it seemed all functions were tied to this account. I have changed over to using Gmail...