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    PST file is getting huge under POP 3

    I am running MS Outlook 2016 under Windows 10 64bit on a desktop workstation, not connected to any server. Six months ago my .PST file was about 220 mb it has now crept up to 741 mb, where has all the extra data come from and how do I get rid of it? I am running SafePST Backup. Thank you, Peter
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    Outlook 2013 opens with FILE tab selected.

    I wish it to open with the HOME tab selected so I can just then click on 'Send/Receive'. Thank you. Windows 10 64bit
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    Outlook 2013 puts replies in Outbox

    My Outlook 2013 configured for a Gmail POP account now puts replies in the Outbox instead of sending them. Windows 10 64bit
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    Contacts gone missing in Outlook 2013 POP

    I have just reloaded all my software after a problem. I am running Outlook 2013 under Windows 10 64 bit Anniversary edition. When I used to click the "People' link I had about three different contact groups under the main 'My Contacts', two of them have disappeared and I am left with just one...
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    Send/Receive error in Outlook 2007

    Running Win 7 Home Premium. I leave my PC for a couple of hours with the internet connection still active, come home and click on MailWasher to retrieve my emails and then try to download them to Outlook but am told 'Send/Receive error', if I close Outlook and then re-open it it works perfectly...