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  1. makinmyway

    Bulk Delete Contacts in iOS Outlook App

    There doesn't seem to be a lot of information on the iOS app online and I am not certain if this is the right place to ask this question but how do I easily delete thousands of Contacts from the iOS Outlook app? They were populated by a previous Gmail sync and by having the Automatically Add...
  2. makinmyway

    Appointments Created in iCloud Calendars Cover Contacts Field...Why?

    I'm having a difficult time with appointments created using the standard appointment form. I have no trouble viewing the contacts field in the newly created appointment if I create the appointment in the PST file on my computer. I however cannot see the contacts field if I create the...
  3. makinmyway

    How to Easily/Quickly Ungroup by Categories

    How do I easily ungroup contacts when viewing them in a group by category view? It's easy enough to turn on the category function by simply clicking the category button. Is there not an easy way to turn it off with one click? I can't that button be a toggle button to be turned on or off and...
  4. makinmyway

    How Create a Field and Formula for a Contact's Years of Experience

    I'd like to know if there is a way to easily make Outlook show me the years of experience at Contact has any given field. I was imagining using one of the user fields along with a formula that keeps adding a year to the total years of experience a person has based on the number I enter into that...
  5. makinmyway

    How Prevent Re-Formatting of Contact Notes Field When Syncing

    My PST contacts are synced with my iPhone via iCloud and iTunes. However at some point (in the sending of data to or from the phone) the formatting (fonts and embedded links) are changed to Calibri and expanded in the case of the links (rather than with smaller display names for the...
  6. makinmyway

    ScanPST.exe Missing Repair Button

    I'm using Windows 10 and Outlook 2013 and when I run the ScanPST.exe repeatedly it continues to find and repair errors until about the third pass when it tells me there are errors and I need to click Repair to fix them but there is no repair button, just the Okay button. Why is this happening...
  7. makinmyway

    Recent Files Not Updating when Using Insert Hyperlink in Outlook 2013

    I am using Outlook 2013 in a Windows 8.2 environment and the Recent Files list when using the Insert Hyperlink function is no longer working. It's worked for and think it still works sporatically but the list is not up to date. In the past it would update if I downloaded a file to my hard...
  8. makinmyway

    Can I Search for Contacts by Addresses within a Proximity?

    I am using Windows 8.1 and Outlook 2013 and wonder if there is a way to search for contacts that are within a range of another address by miles. Perhaps this is in the form of an add-on that someone has heard of before. I know I can search by zip codes and cities but that leaves out many...
  9. makinmyway

    Can I add a Map It Button to Custom Contact Form? How?

    I am using Windows 8.1 and Outlook 2013. I want to add the Map It button found on the standard contact form next to the address field to my custom contact form. Is that possible? Where do I find the button in the Design This Form? How do I add it?
  10. makinmyway

    Trouble Installing BCM Outlook 2013; Endless Install Loop Happens

    I have I upgraded to the latest software and hardware, meaning I am now on Windows 8.1 with Outlook 2013 on a fast computer. I want to start to use BCM and have not used it in the past. My understanding is that I need to install the full version of BCM as described above. The link above lets me...
  11. makinmyway

    Research Pane in Emails Turns on and Cut Paste Keys then Stop Working

    When I am working with the cut and paste short cut keys highlighting text from a contact every 30 minutes or so I somehow open the Research pane in an email and then am no longer able to use the shortcut keys in Outlook used to cut and paste. The same shortcut keys work outside Outlook say in...
  12. makinmyway

    How can I easily identify and delete from my contacts defunct email addresses?

    How can I easily identify and delete from my contacts defunct email addresses? I have tried the add-in Actual Contacts from MapiLab but am finding that my Comcast ISP no longer uses port 25 and that seems to be the only port Actual Contacts uses to send emails. The folks at MAPILab are looking...
  13. makinmyway

    Help Using Windows Desktop Search to Index Outlook PST of another User Logon

    How can I index an Outlook PST with Microsoft Windows Desktop Search 4.0 when it belongs to another User Logon? When I try to set it up in Desktop Search I find the path is present but is greyed out. And when I hold my cursor over it I see the following message: "Indexing of this email store...