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    In the "new email is there an option for "When replying to a message that is not in the Inbox, save the reply in the same folder" as there is in Outlook 365? Cheers Ian
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    Outlook 2016 and Slow access to IMAP

    Hi Diane, My email account in Telstra Bigpond is set up for IMAP access in Outlook 2016. I can send and receive mail ok. But the synching of “subscribed folders” can take a minimum of 3 minutes and sometimes 30 minutes. I have many subfolders to Inbox, and Rules in to...
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    Outlook 2016 Preview Address Book Options

    On my Windows 7 Machine, under Outlook 2016 Preview Address Book Tool/Options, I can select "When opening the address book, show this address list first: " , and I choose iCloud. On my iMac running under Parallels 10.2.2, Outlook 2016 Preview Address Book , there doesn't appear to be any...
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    iCloud Calendar and Contacts in Outlook 365

    I enter and update my Calendar and Contacts on my iPad. These happily synch with my Outlook 2010 (with Outlook Connector) How can I get these Calendar and Contacts entered into and synching with my online Office365 account? Cheers Ian
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    iPad not connecting correctly to account

    Hi Team, I have an account activated and set up, and accessed fine from Outlook 2013 via EAS. I have the account set up as EAS account accessed via Hotmail settings in iPad mail. All was working fine till two days ago. Now it takes a ridiculous amount of time to open emails on...
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    My ISP is switching to Microsoft outsourcing of email server. So I now have an account. I have been a long term user of Office Outlook, currently running Outlook 2013. Until recently I have set up my email account as a POP account, but this doesn’t synch with mail on my iPad...