1. A

    Possible to hide ribbon with custom appointment form?

    I want to always have "required attendees" appear when I create a new appointment, without having to switch to the scheduling assistant or select "invite attendees." The only way I've figured out to do so is create a new custom form with that field in the template. (Let me know if there is a...
  2. JoeG

    Appointment Delete/Change Recurrence

    Hello, I have a client who likes to delete old recurring appointments after the month has passed. Because she handpicks the ones to delete, it would be too large a task (no pun intended) to write a macro to just delete all old appointments from previous months on her Outlook calendar. Her...
  3. R

    Recover Deleted Appointment in Calendar

    How can one recover A Deleted Appointment in Outlook 365 Calendar? A deleted appointment does NOT appear to be moved to the Deleted Items folder, where deleted emails are stored. Rick.
  4. M

    warning for too many appointments on a same day in Outlook

    Hello, Recently I scheduled too many appoitments in a same day. And I really don't have enough time to deal them all. So I want to set a limit to the number of the appointments on one day in Outlook. For example . When the number of the appointments on the same day is over 6, Outlook will...
  5. A

    Add attachments to appointment based on field values

    I'm working on a custom outlook form based on outlooks Appointment form. The user will fill out the appointment as you would normally, and then there is a second page where you enter various details. I have a few fields where an exact file path is stored. I want the document located at this...
  6. M

    receive mail when appointment category changes and create task from appointment

    Hi, I'm looking for a code to receive an email when an appointment gets a specific category. And I'm looking for a code to convert an appointement to an task request. Looking forward to your response! Thank you in advance. Kind regards, Marjorie