1. A

    Is there an ID field you can use to pair a reply to the sent email?

    Hi all, Is there a field within an Outlook mailItem which allows you to store an ID number e.g. 123456 which you can read from their reply email? I am trying to insert a contactId somewhere in the email which I can read when the person replies and use to make updates to an Access database. I...
  2. I

    get count of all emails with same conversation ID

    I am trying to move emails with same conversation id to a folder. Right now I am using loop to search all the emails to look for conversation ID and move the email However the Inbox has more than 4000 emails in it hence it is taking time as I am trying to move the emails in Inbox in the...
  3. I

    ConversationId of a New Email sent

    I am trying a track emails in Outlook 2016 using conversationID since the email subject will not change. I am able to get conversationID of all received email in Outlook however when I send a new email I get blank conversation id. I tried saving the email before sending to get the info since...
  4. Jim H.

    Restricting session mail with ConversationID

    I have an Access database designed to track Work Orders for maintenance to properties. When an owner emails a request for maintenance, a work order is started. What the users of the database would like to do is track the email conversation associated with the Work Order. In Access, I've linked...