creating rules

  1. CWM330

    This rule has a condition that the server cannot process?

    Hi, I am setting up rules for the first time for my Fastmail IMAP account in Outlook 365 For every rule I have set up: From is: XXX@XXX.COM MOVE TO: XXX Stop Processing filters But, every time I edit my filters I get a warning message saying " This rule has a condition that the server...
  2. G

    Forward email body to other mail list directly from Exchange server

    We have an email account that nobody checks the mailbox from outlook, but we want to forward all only body of emails (without header and sender address) to another mail list directly from the exchange server automatically. I know that it is possible from outlook with running a script but I...
  3. B

    Setting rules

    Recently start using Office 2016 on a new computer. I was able to establish Outlook accounts for my several email accounts, including the several storage folders for sorting email. Outlook shows I am connected to the internet and receive updates and syncs as scheduled. However when I try to...