1. S

    Combination Field (Date Format)

    Using Outlook 365 I have a custom form that I am using a Combination field. I am combining these values together. I am bolding [Renewal Expires] in this thread as it relates to my question. [Program Purchased] / [License Type] / [Renewal Expires] / [Serial Numbers] / [Renewal Cost] For example...
  2. M

    Macro to add date/time stamp to subject

    Hi all, A complete Outlook macro newbie here (and a macro newbie in general). I have been trying to get a macro to work to add a date/time stamp to the subject of all emails in the selected outlook folder. I am receiving an error on my 'check' line to avoid duplication of the date/time stamp on...
  3. I

    Email Replied for first time Date/Time

    I want to know if we can capture the date/time of an email when it was replied for the first time. Since PR_LAST_VERB_EXECUTED property would always give date/time of the last reply of an email. How do I know when was the fist instance of email was replied. For example : If I replied to one of...
  4. K

    Macro to search emails between two time slots on public folders with excel export

    Hey guys, New to this forum, fantastic ressource for non-advanced Outlook user like myself! Learning a lot just reading through posts and creating some basic macros in VBA! I have a specific problem in Outlook 2013 that I cannot solve via the Advanced Query Builder and that I believe a macro...
  5. sneaky30

    convert text to date

    I am exporting appointments from excel to outlook custom calendar. But i get a script error on the date cell. When i put a date format in the cell it will export it to outlook. But the file i want to use have a date in the form of a text cell. this is the content of the cell: Thursday, 29...