1. Diane Poremsky

    Add a file number or keyword to the subject line of messages

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  2. G

    VBA Copy draft email to a new email - attachments not copided

    Hi, I am writing a VBA script to create a new from a draft email - yes I know I can save it as a template and use it that way - but that is not what I want. Below is the code. The draft has a series of embedded gif images. The scirpt kind of works , it creates the new email but the embedded...
  3. J

    How to validate any email address before it is sent

    Hello All, I was recently assigned this ticket to find out how to validate email addresses before they are sent. We are currently going through a naming convention change, so some emails are full first name and full last name @, while others are first initial full last name @domain...
  4. M

    What is the best way to find all records of an e-mail for our company?

    I need to find all records of e-mail conversations that occurred between a couple company employees and an external user (e-mail). Is it possible to do that with Exchange System Manager. Also, I have collected all of the employee's .OST files. Any help will be greatly appreciated. Is there any...
  5. S

    Importing emails to contacts

    I have hundreds of emails of people that I want to add to my contacts to then export and put on an access Database. Adding each contact one by one is very tedious. Is there a way to Mass-add to contacts from emails? or a way I can add all the email address contacts to an access database? I...