1. M

    How to export Voting Results with user names and their responses

    Hello, I came across an article named "How to Quickly Export Voting Statistics from an Outlook Email to an Excel Worksheet" and it's almost what I'm looking for. I'd like the macro to actually list the user names and/or email addresses and their responses. I realize I can do this manually but...
  2. abnet

    Advice required re backing up .ost and .pst files

    I need to test and confirm best way to take backups of Outlook email account folders so that they can subsequently be imported back into Outlook and the user can then read all the old emails without connecting to the email account when it is later deleted from the remote mail server. The whys...
  3. J

    Outlook 2013 Extract Flag Completed dates to Excel Macro

    Hi Everyone I work in a contact centre that has started to deal with some inbound Emails and I need to count the inbound traffic by inbox/day and check whether the email was marked as complete (Flag completed Date:Time) within a given period. To achieve this I am copying and pasting from the...
  4. cimbian

    Harvesting email addresses from mail folders

    Outlook 2016 desktop connected to Office 365 I have a structured folder system where one of my product brands has a folder and every customer (by company) has its own sub-folder. I'd like to select the product folder and have a method of searching through all sub-folders to harvest the email...
  5. B

    Macro To Create Rule To Export From Certain Folder Email Information in one workbook multiple sheets

    I am trying to create a script rule that automatically exports email body information when received into a predesigned spreadsheet that is done throughout the week but daily it is updated with the info. At the end of the week a new sheet is created for the following week. The email body looks...
  6. S

    Importing emails to contacts

    I have hundreds of emails of people that I want to add to my contacts to then export and put on an access Database. Adding each contact one by one is very tedious. Is there a way to Mass-add to contacts from emails? or a way I can add all the email address contacts to an access database? I...
  7. Dr. Demento

    Outlook output to array -> Excel & re-format

    In using an awesome sub by Greg Thatcher (found here), it does a great job at extracting the information, but the output leaves much to be desired. I'm wondering if someone could help in two ways: 1) point me the the direction where I could write the output first to an array (for...