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    Different views for To-Do List and To-Do Bar

    I have applied filtering and conditional formatting in my To-Do Bar. When I view the To-Do List using the Tasks folder and choosing the To-Do List, it applies the same filtering and conditional formatting in my To-Do Bar. How can I use two different filters/formatting -- one for To-Do Bar and...
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    Outlook AntiSpam with VBA

    So we know Outlook has this internal filtering system that sends junk mail to Junk folder even when filtering option is turned off. I'm wondering if there's a way to look at or "hack" it. Using VBA or something? I want to keep some emails from being labeled as Phishing or junk by the internal...
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    How to filter primary contacts in business contact manager

    Does anyone know how to filter out primary business contacts from all business contacts? I'm in Contact Management in the Business Contacts tab. When in Account you have to click which Business Contact you want as the primary contact so there must be a field for it somewhere but I can't find...