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    Create Custom Form

    I am attempting to create a custom audit form in Outlook that would allow me to check boxes corresponding to completed tasks and then email those results to specific people. I have the form created and I have a READ page and a COMPOSE page set up, but when I test this by sending it to myself...
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    Customize meeting form. Private notices

    Hello! We use the exchange server. Our top chief has several assistants who work with his calendar. They create appointments and send invites. They ask to add the simple text field where they can write private notices which shouldn't be sent to another invited people. It should be displayed just...
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    Creating meeting invite with disabled tentative button

    Hi all, I'd like to invite several people to an Outlook meeting. When receiving the invitation, these people should not be able to click on the tentative button. In other words, the tentative button should be disabled or at best not even be displayed. Is there a way to do that? Thanks in...
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    From box in custom outlook Form

    I've been tasked with removing the send button from the default outlook form. I think it's called IPM.note. I ended up having to create a custom form and use some vbscript to get it have some semblance of normal functionality. We have a custom send button that ties into the item_send event in a...