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    Outlook for Mac problems

    I have four problems I am struggling with in the current version of Outlook for Mac (16.66.1 on my MBP 12.6.1): A colleague sent me an email with graphics in the body. The formatting gets messed up when forwarding the message, and the objects are no longer centered. How can I format it...
  2. A

    Any way to make Outlook Calendar invitations look right to Gmail/Google Calendar users?

    I use Outlook 2016/Exchange at work. Whenever I send a calendar invite to my family members on Gmail/Apple devices, the format is very confusing to them -- it looks like a full email with a signature block followed by an ICS attachment that they need to double click to get the invite and then...
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    launching a link in google

    in the body of a message, I want to block/select text and right click/lookup and use google instead of bing is this possible ? I've searched what I think are all the options and it only wants to use bing and won't let me add a 'service' thanks, david.