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    Outlook for Mac problems

    I have four problems I am struggling with in the current version of Outlook for Mac (16.66.1 on my MBP 12.6.1): A colleague sent me an email with graphics in the body. The formatting gets messed up when forwarding the message, and the objects are no longer centered. How can I format it...
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    Outlook 2016 Migrate 'On My Computer' (local storage) Calendar from Mac Outlook to Exchange Account

    Apparently I am trying to do something difficult! I am moving all my Outlook for Mac data from Mac local storage to my Exchange account also on the Mac. Ultimately, this data will end up in PC Outlook. I'm using Exchange to get it there. I have already moved all the email, all the contacts...
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    Olm to Pst converter

    I had been using Mac Outlook for last few years and want to switch to Windows Outlook now. I have Olm file containing more than 1GB of data in my Mac Outlook application and I need an ad hoc solution to view and works with those files on windows system. Can anyone help me or suggest a secure way...