1. ThinkToday

    Calculate reply time of outlook mail

    How can we calculate the reply time of outlook mail, without getting all threads, and can we find the total response time taken in outlook conversation.
  2. W

    April 2020 Office 365 Update - Add-Ons fail after Office 365 Update

    Diane and Friends, Here at CompanionLink we support about 80k Outlook users with our Android and iPhone Sync product. Starting April 22, we found some people reporting that our Outlook Add-On was not working. First we thought it was Windows Insiders (Slow) but we have since found it is a...
  3. R

    Outlook 2007 - Shared Accounts and Resources without Exchange Server

    Hi All, I'm not an Outlook expert so I'm hoping someone can help with advising how to achieve some much needed functionality. We have given up on having an Exchange server in our network... it turned out to be much more than we could manage with the resources we have. So... We are using...