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    Application_NewMailEx for shared mailbox

    I am using the Appilcation_NewMailEx event to check for any new email arriving in my outlook. My Outlook is configured with my personal Id and a shared mailbox. When I use Application_NewMailEx event it captures any email coming to my personal ID and do not capture any incoming email for the...
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    Application_NewMailEx for a specific Email account

    Hi, How can I use the Application_NewMailEx event to capture emails from Inbox of a specific Email account. I have multiple Email accounts in my Outlook 2010 and want to get email from a specific email account only and that to for Inbox folder only. Thanks,
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    announce email sender and subject when new email arrives...

    I need a macro or script that will announce (speak) the sender and subject of new email when it arrives. Could be a general macro that could then be applied by rules. I saw that this is possible with mac so I am sure that it can be created for Windows as well. Any and all help would be...