outllook 2010

  1. Mark White

    VBScript Move sent mail to non-default folder

    Hi, I'm trying to move a sent email from the sent box to an other shared mailbox subfolder. I can't use VBA as macros are disabled and am finding it difficult to change the GetFolderPath() function to work in VBScript. Below is how I call it but I'm having trouble converting the VBA code into...
  2. DAVID A

    moved the Outlook CST file - All subfolders lost

    I decided to move the Microsoft Outlook folder with the CST file in it... Because I am a massive idiot - I did not think to check first, before moving it (from My Documents to a deeper location in my folders). I noticed that when I (tried to) move it, it became duplicated (one folder still in...
  3. K

    BCM Reports: Timeout Expired

    I am using Outlook 2010. Both outlook and the sql database are on the same machine. I'm trying to run an existing report titled "Business Contact Activity Summary". The report produces an error after a few minutes. "Timeout expired. The timeout period elapsed prior to completion of the...
  4. M

    How to view the URL for a hyperlink?

    Outlook 2010 Professional, POP3 account, downloaded to my machine. When I hover over a hyperlink on an Outlook message, I can see the URL it will send me to. When I right-click on the URL, my choice includes "Copy hyperlink", but it only copies the text of the hyperlink. Sometimes I get some...