1. Bob Franklin

    Emails Not Received in my Outlook account

    Hello, I belong to the development industry and I develop mobile applications and websites. I have joined this community to get an issue resolved with the help of you guys. We use outlook for our official communications in the office as well as with our business clients. However, from past few...
  2. A

    Cannot Figure Out One Thing on VBA

    Hello All! I have been working away on a project and I am at a stopping point and would love help if anyone has insight on this. Here is the current Macro that I have. This will take an appointment and when ran will create an email to remind the client of their appointment including detail...
  3. K

    How to find specific header and copy the mail body

    Hi Team, i have gone through many outlook forums and could not able to figure out correct code for my requirement. i have group mail box in we receive mails frequently with Subject line " Request ID 691941: Call Lodged " here 691941 keep changing with request coming in mail box and remaining...
  4. J

    Outlook Rules - Changing auto-submit address in multiple rules, according to rule name

    Hello everyone, I am trying to change some rules in outlook, as I have more than 300 rules and would like to change the routing for a given email to a group depending on the name of the rule. I tried to make an adaptation in the code of the list of rules and Sort Rules, but still I could not...
  5. Micheal Ivan

    How to fix it ?

    Hi, When I go to Tools | Options | Stationery and Fonts in Outlook 2007 the button to change fonts is grayed out. Is there a route around this, if you don't mind so that my text styles are predictable all through? Much appreciated!
  6. D

    Outlook macro with today's date in subject and paste clipboard in body

    Hi everyone, Very new to VBA. I write similar emails everyday to the same email address. I needed some help to automate it using VBA macros. Basically, I want: To: xyz@xyz.com Subject: 'TEXT' & todays date & the sent email counter(if possible) Body: Clipboard item Send Can somebody please...
  7. nathandavies

    Email Details to Excel & Save as .MSG on one macro - combination of 2 macros

    Hi all, I have a macro at the minute which i have found and changed to suit my needs which saves an email in a file location on my server at work. I have just found another macro which inputs details from an email message into an excel spreadsheet. i was wondering if anyone would be able to help...
  8. I

    Selecting folder with msoFileDialogFolderPicker

    This macro saves selected emails into a folder chosen by function "BrowseForFolder". It also adds the date as part of the filename. My issue is that the default start folder selected is always the same and I have to navigate to the folder each time. I want to use "msoFileDialogFolderPicker" to...
  9. S

    Shortcut/button to a Calendar Group

    Greetings, I've made several Calendar Groups (me and the boss, me and a few coworkers, etc). I hide the left folder bar and it takes several clicks to change between Calendar Groups. Is there a way to make a button on the Ribbon or above the ribbon to display one of several Calendar Groups...
  10. C

    Outlook Subject Line Macro

    Hi Guys, Unsure if this is possible and im really new to this but is it possible to look for say a 6 digit number within the subject line and save it. Example: Subject line: math test 675439 Macro will resave over the original email as subject line 675439 Not matter where in the text the...
  11. K

    Paste from Windows Clipboard then change font without losing formatting

    I need a little help on a macro that will help simplify copying and pasting from a Console terminal window into an email and be able to keep the formatting, yet change the font. What I need to do to make it look right is paste it into the email and then change all the text to "Courier New" from...
  12. T

    SMTP messages stuck in Outbox

    We use MDeamon V16.02 with Outlook Connecter for server / users have Office 2010 32-bit This is weird it is only happening in one remote office for three users. When I send just a plain text email to them it is received in real time. When I reply or send a new message from their accounts as...
  13. D

    Help with code to move mail on receipt to another folder based on time received

    I have a motion sensing security camera in my server room. It sends a mail message with a snapshot any time motion is detected. I'm trying to create a rules script that moves those messages received between the hours of 6am and 6pm to another folder (so I don't have to see them in my inbox...
  14. E

    When more than "ItemSend" is needed

    Hi could someone help? I have a Add-in in Outlook (Newforma) that uses the Application_ItemSend function. You can send an email by clicking on Outlooks Send button or on this Addins button. I wanted to write a small msgbox to remind people to use the Addin when they click on Outlook's Send...
  15. F

    POPIP Windows for every new email

    HI, I implemented (VBA code a while ago) a feature that shows a popup windows at every email that you send ( the code was taken from this site actually) It works with a certificate to make sure this features stays secure The problem is this system works fine only for about a month, Cause...
  16. D

    VBA to edit body of incoming email and forwarding it

    Hi all, I am trying to make a script / rule / combination of both that only occurs when i receive an email from a specific address. I would like to copy the body of the address and edit two things: • there is a hyperlink'ed word, "website" (see attached). I would like to change the address of...
  17. D

    dropdown list in new email in subject line

    Hi I am trying to build a new Outlook template - I have solved the body of the template with combobox and it works well but users want the primary title combobox to be automatically mirrored in the new email subject line. I dont want to insert a new macro button in outlook as it is difficult to...
  18. J

    Programmatic access grayed out

    Greetings I am seeking guidance on how to allow a program (in this case copernic desktop search) programmatic access to outlook 2016 Operating System Microsoft Windows 6.2 Professional 64-bit E-mail Microsoft(R) Outlook 16.0.6741.2063 Copernic Desktop Search 5 Version In the past I...
  19. Diane Poremsky

    Set Another Data File as Default When Using an Exchange Account

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  20. Diane Poremsky

    Synchronize Quick Access Toolbar and Ribbons?

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