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  1. Diane Poremsky

    Merging Two Calendar Folders

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  2. Diane Poremsky

    Add a file number or keyword to the subject line of messages

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  3. Diane Poremsky

    Trial/Beta program for BCM replacement

    Microsoft is taking applications to join the beta program for their BCM replacement. You need to be using Outlook 2016 and need to use Office 365 Exchange. (Yes, i know this will leave a lot of people who use BCM out of the program... )
  4. L

    Fake reminder apperaring (not in calendar) - how to remove?

    I have what appears to be a fake reminder appearing, and I'm concerned it is a virus or scam software. The widgets in the reminder look different than other reminders that come up from my calendar. Attached are screen shots showing the difference. The task manager lists the process as...
  5. G

    Follow up and

    After setting up the Follow up (Flag) and Reminder still none of these i.e. Follow up (Flag) and Reminder shows in the message that the Recipient receives in his Inbox.
  6. L

    Change the displayed fields in calendar view

    Hi, I was wondering if it was possible to change the fields that are displayed in Outlook's calendar view (Preview or regular week view) (ie Subject, Location and notes). We are building custom meeting forms for our users, and we would need to display some of these new custom fields in a common...
  7. M

    Reminders or Notifications for Internet Calendars

    I think I already know the answer but is there a way to have subscribed calendars (Google Calendar more specifically) show notifications or reminders in outlook 2010?
  8. Diane Poremsky

    Outlook Only Starts in Safe Mode?

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  9. Brendan

    Keeping Outlook contacts on PC after signing out of icloud

    I use outlook 2010 calendars and contact information even when offline. I logged into icloud and my data all zoomed off into the cloud leaving outlook completely denuded of calendar and contact data. When I did this previously (2014) as I closed or signed out of icloud I was prompted to save a...
  10. S

    using script rule to save attachments on arrival Outlook 2010

    Thanks for the wonderful educational post on saving attachments to the hard drive, Diane! I tried to post this question under that stream, but kept getting errors, so decided to try this method. I am new to VBA with Outlook. I am trying to make a rule that runs on message arrival to save all...
  11. Dilshad

    VBA editor opens when sending an email

    Hi, I have written a code to check if I have my manager in to or cc. If not then it gives a popup. It is working fine. but the issue is when I send an email, VBA editor opens and points at If statement. Please see screen shot and code below. Screen Shot: Code: " Private Sub...
  12. R

    Outlook calendar appointments Free/Busy time is changing from "Busy" to "Free"

    Hello SS, I have come across this problem recently where calendar appointments are created and the default free/busy time is set to "busy". After a month or so, checking the same appointment, the free/busy time somehow changes to "free". It is becoming more frequent with users I support and...
  13. D

    How to Run a Report Based on Age of Inbox Items

    Hi, Can anyone tell me if it is possible to extract a regular report based on the age of items in a Shared Mailbox? For example, to identify on a chart (or table) the number of mailbox items at a certain age - 4 hours / 1 day / 2 days, etc... I thought I had a powershell script to do this...
  14. A

    From box in custom outlook Form

    I've been tasked with removing the send button from the default outlook form. I think it's called IPM.note. I ended up having to create a custom form and use some vbscript to get it have some semblance of normal functionality. We have a custom send button that ties into the item_send event in a...
  15. 0

    Emails showing up in Search results, but not visible otherwise

    Windows 7 running Outlook 2010. Large pst's with many subfolders. When I drag an email from the main Inbox to the Old Inbox of another pst file that is open, it appears to move okay, but isn't visible in the Old Inbox. Checking back and forth between the two, it appears that it's...
  16. M

    Office 365 Click to run

    After extensive time and testing I can say with certainty that installing and using Office 365 Click to run (which is how all will install unless you use an enterprise edition or buy a stand alone downloaded copy) *doesn’t work properly*. There's a lot of talk about how it should work, but it...
  17. J

    Automatically Move Old Items from a Shared Mailbox to a .PST on a Network Drive

    Hi there, I've been looking through a few of the VBA script posts and they seem to be designed to do what I need, but I haven't been able to make them work just by reading and cut/pasting. Below I have pasted what I came up with after reading through this thread and this other thread. I hit...
  18. Kristine

    RS box added in Favorites disappears

    Hi All, Has anybody seen this issue wherein RS box added in Favorites disappears. User have 15-20 RS boxes added in Outlook and she is putting 5-6 of them under the Favorites. working limit to the number of RS mailboxes that can be attached and still function normally. Here are the things...