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    Possible to hide ribbon with custom appointment form?

    I want to always have "required attendees" appear when I create a new appointment, without having to switch to the scheduling assistant or select "invite attendees." The only way I've figured out to do so is create a new custom form with that field in the template. (Let me know if there is a...
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    Outlook Forms Help

    Hello, I am creating a Custom Outlook form. I am using the olkDateControl option from the Control Toolbox. When I set this up and run the form I can enter a date just fine, but when I go to view the email, the date field shows none as an option verses the date that I entered in. What do I need...
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    Outlook Form - Voting Responses Not Auto Processing If Form Contains Any Code

    I have a situation where I have some Outlook forms with voting buttons (actions) whose responses are not auto processed (tracking updated) if there is any vbscript code within the form. I have the Outlook tracking options checked for: Automatically process meeting requests and responses to...