1. F

    Outgoing mail from Outlook.com sticks in Drafts folder

    When sending mail from Outlook.com (OWA) it immediately goes to the Drafts folder and stays there. There is no error message. Then trying to send it from the Drafts folder generates "Error: The message can't be sent right now. Please try again later." This happens with all connected accounts and...
  2. T

    Can't send email through connected account (outlook.live.com) - goes to Drafts folder

    Hi Diane, I bought a new computer that came with Office 365 Home, and after going to office.com/setup per the instructions on the product key card that came with it, I had to create an account. I entered user1@Outlook.com, and a new account was created so that I could access the web console to...
  3. GregS

    Import from Outlook.com .ost to IMAP .pst?

    To shift from POP3 to IMAP and stop duplicates, I created a new Outlook 2016 profile. I successfully imported all the mail from my local Outlook 2016 .pst file, but none of my contacts or calendar entries appeared. When I switch back to my "old" profile, the calendar and contact data reappear...
  4. Ascar_CT

    MS Outlook 2010 with Hotmail connector went spam control nuts

    Hello, Diane. After reading your latest post on Outlook-Tips about Outlook crashing when parsing HTML messages I started thinking and would like to ask whether, to your knowledge, there was any Outlook/Office update in the last batch (11/11/15) that may change Outlook behavior in terms of spam...
  5. J


    I am trying to setup outlook.com and outlook 2016 to work together - I first setup outlook.com - set my outlook.com email address as default. I added my gmail imap email and said make a new folder - @gmail-username is the folder name. I then setup a pop3 account and it is receiving mail in a...
  6. Travis Lloyd

    Will Outlook 2016 Desktop Sync-up With Outlook.com?

    For years now all of my clients use Outlook (2010, 2013 & now 2016) on their desktop computers, have Android smartphones (none are interested in getting a Windows phone) and need to be able to see and update their calendars, email, etc either when they make an entry on their phones or on Outlook...