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    Public folders permissions

    Dear All, Exchange 2013 CU13. A user is assigned Publishing Editor permission on a public folder, but he cannot delete it. However, this role includes "Delete All". He must be owner to be able to delete it. Is it an expected behavior ? IMHO and if I remember correctly, with Exchange 2007, he...
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    Exvhange Calendar permissions

    We have a 'User' mailbox with 2 calendars. How do i go about giving certain users full access to the inbox/sub folders (with auto mapping to their Outlook), full access to one of the calendars but only 'Review' permissions for the second calendar? We currently use Exchange 2010 and Outlook 2013
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    Calendar permissions query

    Is it possible to allow colleagues to see the title and venue of any appointment in my calendar, but not to be able to open the meeting request? Reason, the meeting request can include sensitive info, including attachments which I do not want to share with colleagues.