pop3 to imap

  1. E

    365 Outlook changed from POP3 to IMAP,all contacts lost

    In an effort to access all email accounts via all devices (W10 PC + Laptop plus Android phone + tablet), I changed all from POP3 to IMAP. Now it seems all my contacts are gone! Disastrous for my small 15 year old business. Where have I gone wrong? TIA, Eileen
  2. Liz Schneider

    PST from Outlook 2013 is now IMAP folders in 2016

    I am troubleshooting for my out of town sister who has a new laptop, configured for her by Best Buy. She previously had Outlook 2013 and within her single PST file, she retrieved mail from multiple accounts. With the new Outlook 2016, Best Buy told her that the only way to manage the multiple...