1. M

    Understanding Outlook Identities

    Hi, I want to get my Outlook configuration and files into a good shape before upgrading to Office 2021 or 365. I have 2 hotmail accounts setup on Outlook 2011 and keep copies of email on the server for both accounts and sync changes between Outlook and the Servers. I have multiple folders under...
  2. S

    Moving .OST file location unsuccessful!

    I have two Outlook.com email accounts in Outlook 16 which I had successfully managed to change the Data Files to D:\Users| Username\Documents\Outlook Files\ IMAP folder. All steps below have been carried out with Office 16 closed and adding the email thru Control Panel > Mail > email accounts >...
  3. breodis


    I know nothing about Windows or Outlook. I have Outlook 2007. I want to know where my .pst files are. Outlook is using a 2014.pst. I made a 2016.pst file, but I didn't know how to get it to work (by default). I've been just syncing emails over to it all year (using SyncPST). How do I archive...
  4. J

    create .pst data file for new gmail account

    I have add gmail account (IMAP) in outlook 2016 but by default it creates .ost data file. But i want .pst data file format for my gmail account. In .ost file we can't protect data with password so i want to use .pst data file. Someone please help to create .pst data file for gmail account(IMAP)